Summary of Our Employment Tests

Harrison Assessments offers cutting-edge technologies that provide unique employment tests and assessment tool methodologies. Our employment tests are used by organizations to refine and improve their talent acquisition process and to get the best out of their current employees by supporting their talent development initiatives. The following employment test options can be integrated and customized within a Job Success Formula to enable comprehensive and systematic testing for any job:

Eligibility Assessment: A customisable employment test that compares applicants to your ideal job requirements and minimum job requirements. It can also be used within the automated succession planning system. It measures qualifications including specific types and amounts of job experience, job skills and education. All factors are weighted and scored producing an accurate overall measurement of eligibility. It can be used as an online pre assessment which takes 5 minutes for applicants to complete. It can also be used during the interview process by scoring or rescoring the results after further questioning and reference checks. It allows for numerous complex factors to be accurately and consistently evaluated.

Harrison Job Suitability Assessment: A comprehensive job specific employment test related to attitudes, motivations, work values, engagement factors, interpersonal skills, and retention factors. The assessment formulas are based on 20 years of performance research and can be completely customized according to the job requirements. It can be used for recruitment as well as developing performance, engagement, retention and work satisfaction. It can be customized to measure any system of behavioural competencies providing an invaluable tool for developing or screening for behavioural competencies.

Engagement and Retention Assessment: Using the same job suitability data, reports can be generated showing key issues of engagement and retention. The eight engagement metric categories can assess key engagement factors for individuals, groups, or the entire organization. Harrison Assessment's Engagement & Retention Analysis provides you with actionable data, based on leading indicators of employee expectations, to plan and align optimal strategies that will motivate employees at the individual, group and organization levels.

Harrison Career Navigator: The Harrison Career Test offers a personalized interactive online technology that provides predictive insight into career enjoyment and career success. The career system is used world-wide by career seekers, career counsellors, schools and universities for identifying suitable professions and guiding personal development to meet the requirements of different professions. It is also used by corporations for career planning and outplacement. The interactive, online tool compares the individual's preferences and behaviors to more than 650 careers and ranks the careers in order according to suitability. Individuals can sort the careers by education levels, search for suitability levels related to specific careers, or explore specific suitability factors related to specific careers. Career seekers can also receive reports related to their greatest strengths or career development issues.

Job Analysis: The job analysis toolkit is an important means of assessing the job and becomes the basis for all our employment tests. It provides the structure necessary to analyse the work experience, skills, and education necessary to perform effectively on the job. The analysis identifies IDEAL requirements, minimum requirements and the importance level of each factor. The job analysis toolkit also includes analysis of the behavioural factors related to job success. Or, we can use our benchmarking technology to identify and formulate the key behavioural success factors.

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